2016 Spring/Summer Mini Sessions

It's time to start planning for 2016 Spring/Summer Mini Sessions!

 I'm trying to be a little more prepared this year, rather than just springing it on everyone last minute! (Which I rarely ever do, but sometimes these darn holidays sneak up on me!!) 

And while we're on that note...is it just me or is EVERY SINGLE holiday earlier this year? 

I mean, Easter is March 27th for Pete's sake! 

Well, let's get to it! Here are the dates for the upcoming mini sessions! 

Below you'll find all (or at least what I have figured out thus far!) the info for each mini session! I'll give you a brief description for each. Cost & location will be released once I start booking for each session. 


Easter - March 5th (FW) & 8th (Burleson)

15 minute session...minimum 10 edited images...$100

The March 5th session will *more than likely* be held at Trinity Park in Fort Worth. I'm waiting to make the final call until I see how the grounds are looking. Right now, you know after this harsh winter we had (*insert eye roll here*) the grass is a bit dead. I really want pretty, green, full grass for these Easter sessions! 

The March 8th session will be held at Chisenhall Park in Burleson.

Also, I'm working really hard to find a tent with a quilt top for this session! It'll be adorable no doubt! 


Bluebonnet Minis - April 10th

The location for these will be in Mansfield, IF (& that's a big IF) they bloomed like they did last year! Year before last, I couldn't find a bluebonnet to save my life! Last year, they were AMAZING!!

(Check out the minis from last year! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.776938559050989.1073742098.266824166729100&type=3

If the field looks as beautiful as it did last year, we will definitely do them there again! For those of you that came last year, maybe you can warn the new folks! It's a bit of a hike :/ Bring a stroller or wagon for small kids. It's probably a 5-ish minute walk. (AKA don't come in heels!)

The date is also tentative. Bluebonnets bloom when they wanna bloom, and as much as I wish I could do my rain dance to make sure they bloom perfectly on April 10th, I just can't. Ain't nobody wanna see me dance anyway! :)

I'll keep an eye out on the field and will start booking for these around March 13th. 

(If the field just does not bloom at all, any deposits paid towards this particular mini session will be refunded.)


Mother's Day - April 17th

This session will be geared more towards little girls in their mommy's wedding dress! SWOON! 

Of course, I want this session to appeal to every one! So, if you don't have a wedding dress or it's just not your cup of tea, don't feel like you have to sit this one out! I'll still have adorable props to make these Mommy & Me pictures one of a kind! 

I will start booking for these on March 1st. Location, fee & other info will be released then. 


Father's Day - May 29th

What do you get Dad for Father's Day? He's always the hardest to shop for, am I right? How about a beautiful portrait of his kiddos? Mom, you can even jump on in too & give him a present he'll cherish! He really doesn't need another tie. I promise! 

I will start booking for these on April 24th. Location, fee & other info will be released then. 


4th of July - June 12th

4th of July minis will be adorable this year! If you've come in the past, you've seen the firecracker stand & the vintage red truck sets! This year, will be just as cute! Pinky promise! 

I will start booking for these on May 8th. Location, fee & other info will be released then. 


Underwater - August 6th

Eek! These are the minis I'm most excited about this year! (Besides Halloween, of course! But we'll talk about that later!) 

I will actually be going underwater with your little swimmers and taking some awesome candid photos of them! 

Don't have a swimmer just yet? Don't fret! (See what I did there?)

I'll also have the cutest set up on the side of the pool! Think kids-size lounge chair, boom box, sunglasses and a glass of lemonade! 

This mini session will be the perfect way to show off that adorable little bathing suit you know you bought every single accessory for! 


And as always, Sugar Cubed Bakery (www.sugarcubedbakery.com) will be providing the adorable decorated sugar cookies for each mini session! As if you needed any more persuading...


Locations of each mini session will vary. The location and time slots will be released on the "booking" date. 


OH, and don't worry! I will absolutely, definitely, 100%, without a doubt being doing Halloween & Christmas minis!

I've just haven't even started planning that far in advance yet. I mean, we JUST had Christmas...right?! 


For more information, please contact me at hello@ashleyrutlandphotography.com


Look forward to seeing y'all all spring & summer!! 

Cheers to another great year of minis!!