punkin patch Portrait Packages



1. Visit gallery.ashleyrutlandphotography.com

2. Use the search bar at the top and search for your child's first name

If you cannot find your child by their first name, search their school name and look for their name/photo.

If you have multiple children at the same school, their photos will be in the same gallery

3. Use your email address to access the gallery

This is just so I can keep track of who is accessing the gallery. Your email address will not be saved or used for marketing purposes.

4. Enter your private password. The password to enter your child's gallery will be your child's last name, all lowercase. 

If your child has a sibling, their photos will be in one gallery. If your children have different last names, please use your oldest child's last name to enter the gallery. 

5. You can then view & purchase all packages and a la carte items directly from the gallery



Buy any product over $25 within 72 hours of first receiving the gallery and receive a complimentary digital image! 
To do this, add one item over $25 to your cart along with an additional digital image.

At checkout, enter the code ONEFREE in the "Apply a Coupon" section & it will automatically deduct the digital image from your total. 

Orders will need to be placed within about 2 weeks from receiving the gallery link from your principal or director.

This is to ensure the families who have placed print orders get their prints in a timely manner.

Please find your school below for your Picture Day date & Last Day to Order date

Punkin Patch, Godley: Picture Day - September 24 & 25; Last Day to Order - October 11th


All the images in the online galleries are completely unedited. Only images that are purchased will be edited. 

Editing consists of: exposure adjustment; cropping; color boosting; blemish, scratch or food on face; spots on clothes; teeth whitening

Additional editing for a fee includes: hair removal such as flyaways or out of place hair; acne; braces; any major physical change

(Please email me for additional editing fees, as these as priced based on the difficulty of the edit)


If you have any questions, please contact Ashley at hello@ashleyrutlandphotography.com